TFI - Experts in laboratory plastic casework, fume hoods & wet scrubbers

TFI Inline Design has been in the plastic fabrication industry for over 40 years. Our major market is chemical related industries utilizing plastics in corrosive and non-ferrous environments.


About TFI Inline Design

About TFI Inline Design

TFI Inline Design Corporation specializes in non-metallic polypropylene laboratory casework, including plastic fume hoods, wet scrubbers, cabinets, chemical storage and process tanks, and other custom plastic products. This complete product line has been developed and successfully marketed to the laboratory industry.
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Plastic Fume Hoods

Countertop Polypropylene Exhausted Fume Hood is designed for use in Trace Metals and High Acid Digestion Labs

Wet Scrubbers

TFI/Inline Design VS Series Polypropylene Wet Scrubbers are designed for laboratories

Plastic Casework

Specializing in non-metallic polypropylene casework for laboratories and other applications

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