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pH Neutralization/Recirculation System

The “Mighty Mini” is a compact system designed to work in light to heavy acid digestion “Fume Hood” laboratories to neutralize and recirculate the scrubber solutions with lower water consumption and reduced costs.

This system, together with TFI’s VS series wet fume scrubbers and carbon adsorber and other products, including fume hoods and casework, provides you with a complete, safe, effective and long lasting laboratory, year after year. We diligently strive to make our products easy to use and reliable to operate, day in and day out.

And with TFI’s proven record of superior product manufacturing and reliability second to none, when you come to us, you’ll come to stay.

Designed primarily for the TFI VS Series Scrubber, the “Mighty Mini” drastically reduces water consumption in any laboratory or process environment. When neutralization is required to reduce high water usage, this system will neutralize hazardous acids by adding a metered amount of caustic solution to bring the pH within a 7.00 + – .02 neutral condition. Since tank sizes can be increased or decreased as required, this product can be used for any system requiring pH control/neutralization of acids within a laboratory or processing environment.

We designed the neutralization and caustic injection tank to optimize the cleaning of the system and keep the quantity of chemistry to a minimum. This reduces the hazard of spilling the spent solutions when compared to using larger tanks/containers.

Since laboratory space is often at a premium, we designed the “Mighty Mini” to provide a very small footprint. In fact, this system is small enough to be installed inside our polypropylene hood base cabinet with a containment floor to eliminate potential spills from escaping the vented environment. The TFI base cabinet, designed for the “Mighty Mini” can also accommodate chemical solutions. For maximum safety, the system operates using a 120Vac 10Amp input voltage and most electronic components are either 24VDC or 12VDC. All components can be easily accessed when diagnosing, cleaning, repairing or replacing a defective component. The lower DC voltage offers an extremely safe environment for operators and maintenance personnel although such personnel should be knowledgeable in the repair, replacement and testing of electronic equipment.

It is the responsibility of the laboratory to monitor when the solution becomes saturated to a point where the viscosity reduces the capture of the acid being scrubbed.

Transferring of solutions should be performed in accordance with each laboratory’s safety procedure/protocol and all safety measure must be understood and implemented per current government regulations.

Each laboratory is unique and, therefore, a complete analysis should be considered when choosing any system for your application.

The Sonalert located within the Control Box is 110Vac and caution must be taken around this equipment.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduces Water Usage
  • Saves Space
  • Unmatched Safety
  • Lower Cost

Polypropylene and PVC Inline® Fume Scrubbers
Polypropylene and PVC Inline® Fume Scrubbers